WHITE TRUFFLEd'Alba Waterfull Sleeping Pack 4ml*12

d'Alba Waterfull Sleeping Pack 4ml*12

All skin types / Moisturizing, Nutrition, Anti-Aging, Soothing


Intensive care during the sleeping time
Absorbs nutrients all night long to the skin irritated and stressed from the external environment to
relive skin fatigue & replenish vitality energy. Single packaging for clean and easy one-time application.
Luxurious gel cream formula
Moisturize comfortably while sleeping, without residue on the blanket or pillows.
Penetrates deep into the skin without stickiness or greasiness.
Dewy skin for better makeup every morning
Moisturizes the skin all night long, providing a moisturized skin base for better makeup and a boost
in morning skin energy!
All-in-one soothing sleeping care before going to sleep
Protects your skin to prevent oil and moisture loss during the night and strengthen your skin barrier
with various nutrients. Eight types of hyaluronic acid provide rich moisturizing for smooth and healthy glowing skin.


After your normal face-skincare routine at night, apply all over the face, avoiding eyes and lips areas. Leave on over night and rinse off in the morning for ultra-hydrated, nourished skin.
  • Tested by dermatologists for low irritating. Skin patch test results: ‘Zero irritating’
  • Formulated without 20 harmful ingredients. Good for trouble, sensitive skin