7:33BATHROOMd'Alba White Truffle Body Glow Spray Serum (180ml)

    d'Alba White Truffle Body Glow Spray Serum (180ml)

    All skin types / Anti-Aging, Improve skin's elasticity, Glowing


    Oil + moisture double moisturizing for all day long freshing
    The Body Serum has the perfect proportion of moisture & oil,
    delivering rich moisture and nutrition to the skin and ensuring fast absorption
    for a refreshing feeling without stickiness.
    Upgrades skin energy and vitality!
    White truffle (Tuber Magnatum Extract) and tocopherol provide nutrients
    to lackluster skin and ensures a smooth and healthy complexion.
    All-in-One Care after a shower!
    Just spray on for a smooth and moisturized skin texture, with elasticity,
    luster, and oil and moisture balance all at once.
    Reliable safe ingredients
    Free of the19 harmful ingredients, low-irritation test completed (Korea Institute of Dermatological Sciences
    Contains nutritive ingredientsfor the skin
    Avocado Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Soybean Oil
    Avocado Peptide, Acacia Peptide, Chia Seed Extract, Basil Extract, Oat Extract


    Shake a bottle 3-5 times for blending after bathing or showering and spray the mist 10-20cm away from your body, pat the skin gently to absorb.
    • Tested by dermatologists for low irritating. Skin patch test results: ‘Zero irritating’
    • Formulated without 20 harmful ingredients. Good for trouble, sensitive skin