A dual-function product for customers with combination or sensitive skin who have been reluctant to use Anti-aging products due to the chance of acne caused by excessive oils. It is light, but moisturizes and nourishes Your skin sufficiently and is effective for skin recovery and anti-aging.
    NO-SEBUM PEPTIDEPeptide No-Sebum Balancing Toner (150ml)

    Peptide No-Sebum Balancing Toner (150ml)

    All skin types / Anti-Acne, Pore refining, PH balance


    # Removes pore residue
    #Treats uneven skin texture
    #Removes the cause of skin problems
    # Keeps your skin slightly acidic
    Preventing Skin Troubles
    BHA ingredients gently remove dead skin and sebum such as whiteheads & blackheads to improve skin turnover cycle and prevent Waste from causing problems.
    Anti Aging
    Containing white truffle, it is effective for cell renewal, skin moisturizing and excellent for improvement of wrinkles.
    Absorbing Quickly, Giving Deep Nourishment
    Low-molecular PEPTIDE gives strong moisturizing, nutrients and elasticity, making skin smooth and firm. With small Molecular size it absorbs Quickly into the skin and has high stability.
    Skin Tone Balancing Effect
    Keeps skin tone even by preventing melanin pigmentation and contains 20 essential amino acids and minerals to give skin flexibility and elasticity.
    Removing Sebum & Waste
    Calamine powder is an effective ingredient for anti-inflammation, skin protection and soothing effects. It controls sebum Waste and dead Skin to keep your skin clean.
    Slightly Acid Trouble Prevention Solution
    Common skin fungi do not breed when the skin's pH is below 6. Keeps your skin slightly acidic to prevent problems.


    After cleansing with Mild Gel Cleanser apply as needed to dry skin using fingers or a cotton pad
    • Tested by dermatologists for low irritating. Skin patch test results: ‘Zero irritating’
    • Formulated without 20 harmful ingredients. Good for trouble, sensitive skin